Virtual office in Denmark

Virtual Office in Denmark

Updated on Wednesday 21st August 2019

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Virtual office in DenmarkWith a virtual office in Denmark, your business will benefit from significant savings and flexibility compared to a regular office space. With the use of technology, your employees will be able to work from any location and the business management will be performed electronically. Not being restricted to a specific location, your Danish virtual office allows you to hire the best qualified employees from all over the country.

Any company in Denmark requires a registered office and the virtual office can be a suitable option for small companies or startups. The address of the office building will be included in the company’s constitutive documents and it will also be used for correspondence. This type of office offers a physical address that is required for any business, even those that engage solely on e-commerce or in providing online services. What’s more, the packages offered by providers include various types of services that will allow the business to function in much the same way it would if it were based in a traditional office space. 

Our law firm in Denmark can provide all types of virtual office services.

Read the questions that follow to find out more about this type of service. You can also watch our video on how to open a virtual office in Denmark:

What are the advantages of a virtual office in Denmark?

If you are a businessman who travels a lot or if you enjoy working in the privacy of your home, a virtual office in Denmark is an option to consider. The choice to work via a virtual office can be evident from the start, and our Danish lawyers can recommend this option as soon as you present us with your business plan, if suitable for your needs.
This type of office provides several advantages:
  • •    Low maintenance costs: compared to a traditional office space that has a monthly rent and the costs associated with the upkeep.
  • •    Immediate availability: the package can be requested any time of the year and it is available as agreed with the provider and as per the needs of the client.
  • •    Ready to use: the offices are already equipped and ready to use; all the client has to do is move in.
  • •    Postal and package services: clients who need dedicated postal services or maybe courier services can request them. 
  • •    Professional reception: an added benefit is that the clients or business partners are received by a receptionist, thus creating a professional image.
The virtual office is suited for all business types, not only for businessmen who travel and need an occasional office. They can also be suitable for small companies, for example, a software company in Denmark, that has employees who can work remotely and gather for meetings occasionally. When team members need to work from the office, extra office space can be arranged for.
Investors who decide to open a company can reach out to our team of attorneys in Denmark for more details on whether the virtual office is suitable for their chosen type of business and the business field. Understandably, not all businesses will be able to function with only a virtual office. For example,  some companies will also require a warehouse for storage purposes or other types of premises for the equipment used in their business.
It is recommended to decide whether the business will work via a virtual office from the initial business planning stages because the address of the office will be used for company incorporation purposes. It is mandatory to provide this address in order to open a company and the business will need to maintain a Danish address at all times. One of our lawyers in Denmark can help you throughout this process.

How to set up a virtual office in Denmark?

There are certain steps to consider if you are looking to set up a virtual office in Denmark:

  • •   Start by defining your company`s needs for a virtual office and evaluate the requirements of this office;
  • •   Choose a geographical area where to locate your virtual office;
  • •  Contact our team of Danish lawyers which provides virtual office services and inform them about the location you want for the virtual office, the time commitment (6, 12, 24 months or more) and what type of services your virtual office requires.

In most cases, virtual office packages are offered on a monthly basis. However, companies that will work in this manner for a long period can purchase annual packages that may also include different offers, depending on the provider. 

What are the virtual office services offered in Denmark?

The main virtual office services offered by our law firm in Denmark are the following:

•    A local business address in a prestigious location in Copenhagen or other important Danish city;
•    A local postal address for your company;
•    Mail collection and forwarding;
•    A dedicated telephone service;
•    A dedicated fax number;
•    Voice mailbox;
•    Call redirecting;
•    Meeting rooms that are available on request and for short terms.

Our attorneys in Denmark offer complete virtual office services, including a registered office in Copenhagen (or any other main city), mail forwarding and secretarial services. A local phone in Denmark, dedicated fax number and call redirecting from a Danish number will also be provided to you if you contact us.

The advantages of a virtual office in Denmark

If you are a businessman who travels a lot or if you enjoy working in the privacy of your home, a virtual office in Denmark is an option to consider. There are several advantages that this type of office provides.

•    Low maintenance costs;
•    Ready to use in less than 12 hours;
•    Postal and package services of your request;
•    Professional reception of your guests;
•    Immediate availability.

Additional services, such as meeting rooms or private offices of choice, are available upon request. Business owners can schedule the usage of these extra services only as needed. They do not have to pay for more than they use, which, as stated, is an advantage of the virtual office compared to the traditional one. 

Investing in Denmark 

Denmark is one of the countries in Europe that constantly ranks high in ease of doing business indexes. It also offers good infrastructure, access to a talented and educated workforce and an innovative business environment where research and development are encouraged. 
Some of the key industries include technology, business services, design and innovation, the maritime sector as well as many others. Some of these companies, especially the ones that provide different types of business or financial services, may choose to work via a virtual office. This is a good option if they also have offices or branches in other cities, in Denmark or neighboring countries, and the business managers and employees are always traveling between these offices. By establishing their presence in this manner, they can reduce the overall costs and can even increase employee productivity, when the Danish-based employees are not required to commute to work every day. This can also be an option for those companies that hire foreign employees in Denmark, who are thus exempted from having to commute frequently from a neighboring country, for example.
Below, we present several statistics regarding foreign investments in the country:
  • - foreign direct investments increased by 1.2 bn USD in May 2019;
  • - the overall foreign direct investment increase in 2017 was 735.40 bn DKK.
  • - in 2016, the increase was of 689.5 bn DKK. 
Once you decide to open a company in Copenhagen or another city, our lawyers in Denmark can provide you with a personalized virtual office package according to your business needs. 

Our law firm in Denmark can provide you with a personalized virtual office package according to your business needs.