Immigration Lawyers in Denmark

Immigration Lawyers in Denmark

Updated on Friday 18th September 2020

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Immigration Lawyers in Denmark.jpgDenmark is a country that offers attractive opportunities and it constantly included in the International Happiness Report as one of the top locations that ensure a good quality of life.
Whether you wish to relocate for employment, business or other purposes, our immigration lawyers in Denmark are able to assist you throughout the procedure.
Moving to a new country poses a series of requirements and compliance with the regulations in force for obtaining needed permits and making registrations. We understand the challenges and the particularities of the transition period and out lawyers in Denmark specialized in immigration and here to assist you each step of the way. 

Legal assistance for coming to Denmark

Our immigration lawyers in Denmark offer compete services to private clients who are interested in moving to the country. We are able to provide adequate legal counsel in all areas related to immigration, irrespective of the motive for relocation. Some of our services relate to:
  • Work permits: assistance for applying for the work and residence permit or applications for researchers and/or those who have special qualifications (athletes, artists, etc.)
  • Investment permits: if you want to open a business in Demark you will need to do so under certain conditions; our team is able to assist you;
  • Family reunification: if you want to live with your spouse or partner, as well as a family member who is already residing in Denmark our immigration lawyers in Denmark can help you apply for the residence permit as an accompanying family member.
  • Permanent residence/citizenship: we can assist you if you are eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit (after having a temporary one for 8 years in most cases) or if you are eligible for Danish citizenship. 
Our dedicated team of immigration lawyers in Denmark can help you apply for any of these permits as well as others such as those for study or PhD purposes.
EU/EEA, Swiss and Nordic citizens can reside in Denmark following a number of special regulations. We provide adequate assistance irrespective of nationality. 

Getting settled in Denmark

Our immigration lawyers in Denmark can also assist you as needed once you have applied for the right type of permit and have arrived in the country, ready to start a new chapter of your life.
Establishing the basis for residence is the first step, however, when moving to Denmark, there are a number of other issues to consider:
  1. Housing: some employees may receive housing provided by the company; other options are renting or purchasing a home and out lawyers can provide assistance before signing a rental agreement;
  2. Insurance: employees are covered by the employer’s insurance; private insurance is however mandatory is you own a motor vehicle, if you own real estate or have a dog;
  3. Language training: finding a Danish language training course for adults is a need step for many; you can find various options or ask one of our immigration lawyers in Denmark;
  4. Others: exchanging your driver’s license for a Danish one, finding a school for your child (if applicable) and registering for tax purposes are all important steps during which our team of experts can help you.
Getting a civil registration number (the CPR number) is also one of the first steps to handle if you plan on staying in the country for more than three months for most foreign nationals or sic months for EU/EEA or Nordic citizens. Our immigration lawyers in Denmark can help you with information on the CPR number or, alternatively, the personal tax number for short stays. 

Immigrants in Denmark

More than 2,000 work permit applications were received in Denmark during the second quarter of 2020 and 3,092 were applied for during the first three months of the year. Other statistical data on immigration, as per the data issued by Statistics Denmark, shows us the following: 
  • 1,344 family reunification permits were applied for during the first and second quarter of 2020; by comparison, during the final quarter of 2019 the number of applications was 1,210;
  • 1,781 people changed to Danish citizenship in 2019, our of which 635 were from EU countries and 468 from non-EU countries in Europe;
  • the number of immigrants from western countries living in Denmark during the third quarter of 2020 was 254,308 and that of those from non-western countries 356,090.
Our immigration lawyers in Denmark ca help you apply for the right type of permit, according to the purpose of your stay, and handle all of the subsequent submissions. Contact us for complete information and more details about how we can assist you if you want to move to Denmark.