Company Act in Denmark

Company Act in Denmark

Updated on Tuesday 12th December 2017

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Company-Act-in-Denmark.jpgThe Danish Company Act is the main legal resource for the incorporation and management of companies in the country.
The Company Act in Denmark sets forth the conditions and requirements for opening a Danish company, the types of companies that may be incorporated in the country, their organizational structure, management, and dissolution.
The experts at our law firm in Denmark can give you complete details on the rules and regulations included in the Company Act, as well as any other laws related to corporate control.

Types of companies as per the Company Act

The Company Act in Denmark governs the incorporation, management, and control of a company. In an effort to attract foreign investment and make the country an attractive location to base a Nordic headquarter for a business, the Danish law allows for a quick and simple company formation process.
The types of companies that may be incorporated in Denmark include:
- the public limited liability company;
- the limited company;
- the partnerships (several types);
- the co-operative limited company.
Investors can also open a branch in Denmark or a representative office.
The Danish Company Law is in line with the current European Union laws. One of our attorneys in Denmark can give you complete information on the applicable laws, for example, the laws on foreign investments in the country.

Corporate management and control as per the Company Act

The Danish Company Act not only describes the characteristics of the existing types of companies but also their governance and control. Thus, there are several corporate governance structures:
- the traditional corporate governance using an executive board and a board of directors, also known as the one and a half tier governance;
- the two-tier governance that includes an executive board and a supervisory board;
- the one-tier governance structure, only possible for private limited liability companies; it includes an executive board.
The Companies Act includes the manner in which a company may convene and hold its general meetings. According to law, the language used in the company’s meetings can be any other one, not only Danish. This issue is settled internally within the company.
You can contact our Danish law firm for complete assistance for company formation and additiona details on the laws governing company formation.