Buy a Shelf Company in Denmark

Buy a Shelf Company in Denmark

Updated on Tuesday 21st April 2020

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Buy-a-shelf-company-in-DenmarkRecent reports place Denmark on top positions in various reports conducted on countries all over the world. These reports have a great influence on foreign investors who are keen on opening companies in Denmark. However, they have various options when it comes to starting a business in Denmark. Among these are:

  • -          registering a new company;
  • -          buying a read-made company, usually known as a shelf company.

Both options have their advantages with the mention that purchasing a Danish shelf company has a few more benefits. Our lawyers in Denmark can inform you about the main benefits of buying a ready-made company in this country.

What is a Danish shelf company?

The main difference between a newly-registered company and a ready-made company is exactly this: the shelf company is already registered and awaiting to be bought. Shelf companies in Denmark are usually registered as private limited liability companies, but public companies can also be put at the disposal of clients. Ready-made companies come with tax and value added tax numbers, which is one of the most important advantages of this type of structures. Moreover, clients can choose to buy a shelf company in Denmark based on its age: there are companies which are kept “on a shelf” for those interested in acquiring a business with a certain history which will ease the connection with business partners in Denmark.

How to buy a shelf company in Denmark

Compared to a new company, the shelf company is already set up for starting its activities in Denmark. However, it is best to verify a ready-made company before purchasing it. Our law firm in Denmark can assist with the company due diligence process.

The acquisition of a Danish ready-made company is completed through a sale-purchase agreement followed a shareholders’ meeting through which the new owner is voted and appointed. Then, the buyer will need to appoint a new management team and an auditor. These changes must be filed with the Danish Companies Register. After this procedure is completed, the company could require certain licenses or permits before starting operating.

For information on the requirements and prices related to buying a shelf company, please contact us. We can also assist investors in registering a new company in Denmark.