Plans to Cut the Time Required for Tax Appeals in Denmark

The Danish Government plans to reduce the tax appeal waiting times. According to a recent statement in this sense from the Danish Tax Minister, the average appeal time could be reduced from 23 months to just 12 months. The change would be welcomed not only for the parties concerned but also in order to improve the overall legal and tax system. Our team of lawyers in Denmark can assist you in all cases involving disagreements in taxation matters.

Reduction of the tax appeal minimum resolve time

An additional budget of 230 million DKK or 36 million USD has been granted by the Danish Government in order to ease the accumulation of pending tax appeal cases. This was done for the purpose of creating more room for new cases and the general unloosen of the system. A second step would be to employ more staff in the administrative section and then implement several changes to the existing rules and procedure for appeal. The legislative changes have yet to be announced.
The announcement was recently made by the Tax Minister who also pointed out that the intention of the ongoing changes is to reduce the average waiting time in these types of cases from 23 months to only 12 months.
The average time may vary from case to case. If you are interested in bringing a tax dispute to court, our team of attorneys in Denmark can give you more information and a time estimate, based on your case particulars.

Tax appeal lawyers Denmark

A decision issued by the Danish Tax Authority (SKAT) or the National Tax Board can be challenged when or if that taxpayer believes that he has been wronged. These types of cases are generally sent to the National Tax Tribunal, where a decision will be issued.
Taxpayers who wish to submit an appeal to a decision should know that a fee applies and the respective appeal must be sent in writing and reasoned. 
The team of experts at our law firm in Denmark can give you more details about the tax appeal process and can assist you during the legal proceedings. Contact us if you are in need of legal aid.