Applying for Tax Returns in Denmark

Applying for Tax Returns in Denmark

Updated on Wednesday 29th January 2020

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Applying-for-Tax-Returns-in-Denmark.jpgDanish residents, residents of other countries who derive income from the country and legal entities that record profits from business activities in the country are required to file a mandatory tax return.
Our team of lawyers in Denmark is able to assist you with the needed tax assessments or if you are a foreign employee or entrepreneur in need of a better understanding of the Danish tax filing obligations.

Who files tax returns in Denmark?

All individuals who derive income from Denmark must submit a tax return. This applies to employed individuals and for those who receive a personal business income and/or for those who receive foreign income. The Danish tax authorities will send an automatic tax assessment, based on the income reported by the individual.
Any changes to the automatic tax assessment must be filed no later than May 1st following the end of the tax year.
There is no possibility for joint tax assessment for individuals. Married couples in Denmark must file their tax assessments separately. Those individuals who become taxpayers in Denmark during a given calendar year must file a pre-assessment.
For companies, the calendar year is the same as the taxable year. Corporations may select a different 12 month period.
Companies in Denmark have the option to select joint taxation, either mandatory (for legal entities in the same group) or voluntary international taxation.
Our Danish lawyers can help answer any questions, especially if you are foreign employees or investors who are filling in the tax return for the first time.

What is the due date for tax returns in Denmark?

The tax year ends on December 31st and the changes to the automatic pre-printed tax assessments (sent to taxpayers by the Danish tax authorities) must be submitted no later than the first of May the following year.
Individuals who wish to extend their deadline for tax filing may do so by means of a special application. The extension is granted from May 1st to July 1st the same year.
Companies in Denmark must file the tax returns within six months from the end of the tax year. An extension of this deadline is also possible for corporations.
You can contact our law firm in Denmark for more information about the tax laws and the requirements set forth by the Tax Department and the Danish tax authorities (SKAT).