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Signing a Contract with a Danish Company

Signing a Contract with a Danish Company

Updated on Monday 17th July 2017

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Signing-a-contract-with-a-Danish-companyIt is a common practice among companies in European countries to cooperate and sign agreements which allows them to do business in a legal manner. Foreign companies are attracted by the possibility of cooperating with Danish businesses considering Denmark is one of the most advanced economies in Europe. From joint ventures to simple business to business (B2B) contracts, foreign entities can enter into agreements with local ones. Businesses to customer (B2C) agreements are also acknowledged by the Danish law.

Foreign investors who want to open companies in this country can rely on the legal services provided by our law firm in Denmark.

The Danish Contract Law

In order to sign an agreement with the Danish company, one must comply with the provisions of the Contracts Law. Issued in 1986 and last amended in 2011, the Danish Contracts Act provides for the following:

  • -          the offer and the acceptance of the offer;
  • -          negotiations;
  • -          the appointment of agents who carry out negotiations and concluding the contracts on behalf of the parties;
  • -          the revocation of contracts;
  • -          the declaration of intentions;
  • -          the resolution of contractual disputes.

It should be noted that the Contracts Law contains special provisions related to consumer agreements. Our Danish lawyers can offer information on these types of contracts.

The conclusion of contracts in Denmark

According to the law, at least two parties may enter a contract in Denmark. These parties can be individuals or companies, local or foreign. The first step is for one of the party to send an offer to the other followed by the acceptance of the offer. It is recommended for both the offer and the acceptance of the offer to be made in writing. Then the parties will agree on the content of the contract.

In most cases where contracts with Danish companies are signed, negotiations are part of the process of concluding the agreement.  A less known fact about Denmark is that here the law also allows for the signing of agreements in the online environment. Both B2B and B2C Danish contracts can be concluded online.

For full information on the provisions of the Contracts Act, please feel free to contact us. Our lawyers in Denmark can also assist in drafting and vetting contracts.



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