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Registering a Trademark in Denmark

Registering a Trademark in Denmark

Updated on Monday 30th October 2017

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Registering-a-Trademark-in-Denmark.jpgInvestors in Denmark have much to gain from registering their trademarks and taking the steps needed for protecting their intellectual property.
Registering a trademark in Denmark is a simple process, performed with the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.
Our team of Danish lawyers can assist you throughout the trademark registration process and can give you details on trademark requirements. 

How to register a trademark in Denmark

Trademark registration applications are filed with the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. Foreign investors in Denmark who file their application in English should accompany it with a Danish version of the goods and services provided by their company or branch in Denmark.
The exact mark that is submitted for protection needs to be attached to the application. Trademarks should be original, can comprise fonts, colors, and different elements and should not copy existing registered trademarks in the country. Once the application is filed, the mark cannot suffer significant changes. Application fees apply according to the class of trademarks. Renewals are possible and they are also subject to fees.
Some of the main advantages of registering a trademark include:
- protection from infringement;
- creating a competitive brand and having a commercial advantage on the market as a registered, recognized company;
- defending the product.
Our lawyers Denmark can give you further details on registering a trademark and your advantages as the holder of intellectual property rights.

Denmark trademark application evaluation

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office evaluates the trademark applications based on the distinctiveness of the mark, similarity to other existing, registered marks, identical or almost identical names and other issues. A registration certificate is issued once the report is complete and the Office approves the mark.
Trademark owners can lose their trademark if such mark is unused. The experts at our Danish law firm can give you in-depth information on the laws related to trademark and patent protection. We can help you if you are a local or foreign investor looking for the optimal solution for intellectual property rights protection.
You can contact our law firm in Denmark for complete legal services and assistance for trademark registration. 


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