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Opening a Bank Account in Denmark

Opening a Bank Account in Denmark

Updated on Tuesday 19th September 2017

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Opening-a-bank-account-in-DenmarkForeign citizens moving to Denmark usually have to go through various procedures. From choosing the city they want to move to or open their companies in, to buying a home or an apartment and up to simpler things such as selecting a school for their children and opening a bank account with a Danish bank, are all decisions to make when relocating here.

For those having reached the phase where they must open a bank account, it should be noted that a foreign citizen no matter the reason behind his or her moving must first apply for a residence permit in Denmark.

Our lawyers in Denmark can explain the procedure for opening a bank account and the requirement to be fulfilled before creating the account.

The Danish banking system

Denmark has one of the safest banking systems in Europe and local banks apply some of the lowest costs associated to opening bank account, administration, withdrawal fees. These low fees are available for those opening personal or corporate bank accounts in Denmark. Since we mentioned these types of bank accounts, it should be noted that individuals can also open savings or deposit bank accounts, while Danish companies can set up merchant accounts in this country.

Our Danish lawyers can explain the types of bank accounts available and can assist with the opening of corporate bank account as part of the company registration procedure.

Requirements to open a bank account in Denmark

First of all, one must obtain a residence permit and to create a NemID (a digital signature) which will allow the user to submit various documents online with the authorities. The NemID is useful when opening a company in Denmark, as well as a bank account.

Then, the following documents must be filed for opening the Danish account:

  • -          a specific application form issued by each bank;
  • -          the tax registration number and social security number issued by the Danish authorities;
  • -          a copy of the passport or ID;
  • -          other documents, as requested by the bank.

It is also advisable to link the account to NemKonto which allows an individual to receive and make payments.

You can contact our law firm in Denmark for information related to the opening of a corporate bank account. We also remind you that we can help with the registration process of a business in Denmark.



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