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Inheritance Law in Denmark

Inheritance Law in Denmark

Updated on Tuesday 19th December 2017

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Inheritance-Law-in-Denmark.jpgInheritance in Denmark is governed by a special set of laws, while foreigners living in the country and those that have property in Denmark will also be subject to international inheritance law. The Inheritance Law in Denmark is mainly based on the principle of domicile. 
The experts at our law firm in Denmark can help you with all matters related to inheritance and the proper distribution of assets.

The Danish Inheritance Act

The Danish Inheritance Act is the source of all issues related to the treatment of inheritance and the distribution of the estate after a testator has passed away. The first chapters if this Act specifically treats the problem of distributing assets, when the deceased leaves descendants and when there are no direct descendants. According to law, if there are no children, the surviving spouse will receive all of the assets of the deceased. 
According to law, an inheritance tax and an estate tax apply in Denmark when the assets are being distributed to the heirs. One of our lawyers in Denmark can give you complete information on the inheritance tax and how it applies to different types of inheritance.

Distributing assets in Denmark

The distribution of assets in Denmark is made according to the class of heirs. There are three classes with the first one including the surviving spouse and the direct descendants of the deceased. If the testator, the one leaving behind the assets, has children who have passed away before him, then the grandchildren will take the place of their parents in the line of succession.
Individuals may establish a different distribution of assets, apart from the one described by law, of they draw up a will de Denmark and explicitly state the manner in which their estate is to be distributed. 
One of our Danish lawyers can help answer any questions related to a particular inheritance situation. Including if you are a foreign entrepreneur unsure of how the Danish assets will be passed on.
Contact our Danish law firm for complete information about the Inheritance Law and any other legal issues.


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