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Business Permits and Licenses in Denmark

Business Permits and Licenses in Denmark

Updated on Wednesday 12th July 2017

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Business-permits-and-licenses-in-DenmarkForeign citizens coming to Denmark for business reasons must comply with various requirements when opening companies here. Apart from the legal requirements related to starting a business, there are also certain licenses and permits which will allow them to start operating. However, an advantage Denmark offers to investors who want to open companies here is that the business registration procedure is quite fast and simple.

Our lawyers in Denmark can explain what the requirements for opening a company here are. They can also guide you on the business licensing requirements.

Business licenses and permits issued by the Danish municipalities

Denmark is one of the most developed countries in Europe which is why investors can set up companies in some of the most innovative industries. These types of businesses will also include obtaining licenses and permits granted by certain ministries or by specialized authorities. However, in most cases, the city municipality is the authority issuing business licenses for Danish companies. Among these special permits are:

  • -          business permits for street vendors;
  • -          café and restaurant business licenses;
  • -          event licenses;
  • -          filming permits;
  • -          parking licenses for companies engaged in this type of activities;
  • -          commercial driver’s licenses.

Also, companies offering waste management services within Danish cities are required to obtain their business permit from the city hall.

Our law firm in Denmark can offer information on how to obtain these licenses.

Danish special business permits and licenses for companies

As mentioned above, there are also certain activities undertaken by Danish companies which must be obtained from the central authorities. The following categories of activities or professions need special licenses:

  • -          those offering advisory services;
  • -          advertising agencies;
  • -          ambulance staff;
  • -          doctors and nurses;
  • -          Danish lawyers;
  • -          agricultural companies;
  • -          construction companies;
  • -          rental companies;
  • -          companies offering various environmental services;
  • -          aviation companies.

These are just a few of the special licenses and permits required to start a business in Denmark. For information on other special licenses, please contact us. Our attorneys in Denmark can also help you register a company in this country.



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