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The Number of Danish Entrepreneurial Limited Companies Doubled in Two Years

The-number-of-Danish-entrepreneurial-limited-companies-doubled-in-two-yearsA few years back, the Danish government enabled a new type of structure called the entrepreneurial limited company (IVS) which was designed for small enterprisers. The same business form is appropriate for startups which is why the number of IVS doubled in the last two years. Our lawyers in Denmark can assist foreign entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in this country.

Startups and IVS go hand in hand in Denmark

Denmark is known as one of the best economies in Europe and in the European Union, which is why the government has taken this advantage and used it to create a favorable environment for foreign investors. And we are not talking large investments here, but small and reliable ones. This is how the entrepreneurial limited company became an appreciated type of company in Denmark. Its success doubled during the last two years as a result of the increasing number of startups all over Europe.

Small enterprisers prefer Denmark as a home to their startups due to the low share capital requirement which is 1 kroner. Combined with the new IVS form, small companies have become quite popular in Denmark. This way from 2014 to 2016, the number of IVS increased from 6,000 to 12,000.

Our attorneys in Denmark can offer more information about the startup requirements in this country.

A short description of Danish entrepreneurial limited company

Its name may say everything about the IVS, however there is more behind it. Together with the sole proprietorship, the entrepreneurial limited company is the simplest form of doing business in Denmark. Even so, it safe to say that the IVS is the little sister of the private limited liability company and in time it must reach a share capital of 50,000 kroners. The share capital of an IVS is 1 kroner and 25% of its income must be saved and deposited until it reaches the 50,000 kroners.

As for the incorporation procedure, it is no different from other types of companies’ registration process in Denmark. For full assistance in preparing the documents related to the registration of an IVS you can contact our law firm in Denmark. Our attorneys would also be glad to assist throughout the registration procedure of the entrepreneurial limited company.



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