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Lawyers in Denmark
Lawyers in Denmark
Legal services in Denmark

Lawyers in Denmark

We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

Litigation cases

Legal aid offered by our Danish lawyers for proceedings before the courts of justice.

Open a company

We can help you choose a type of company and register it with the responsible authority.


Do you need special permits or licenses for your business in Denmark? Find out here.

Company liquidation

We offer professional assistance for closing your company in Denmark.

Recover a debt

Recover debts in Denmark with the help of our experienced Danish lawyers!

Tax advice/Planning

If you need tax consultancy for your business in Denmark, please contact our team.

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Law Firm in Denmark

Law Firm in Denmark

Updated on Monday 26th June 2017

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Why choose our law firm in Denmark?

Our law firm in Denmark has developed a strong legal team composed of the most competent, efficient and well trained lawyers who have maintained long-term collaborative relationships with our customers, based on an active involvement and on the ability of developing creative solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Any collaboration with our law firm in Denmark begins by offering advice, but it does not end with the implementation of the legal solution, as our lawyers will always be there to make sure that you and your business will not be affected by further problems that may occur.

Our law firm’s goal is to combine specialized knowledge with commitment, responsibility, dedication and devotion to achieve the highest standards in the practice areas in which we operate.

Our Danish lawyers always advise their clients to negotiate their claims with the other parties in order to avoid a long and costly procedure. Our attorneys offer advice and representation in any relationship with other parties, as they believe that mediation is a very important step in the successful resolution of a dispute.

You can also watch the video below for more information on the services offered by our attorneys in Denmark:

Litigation services in Denmark

By working with our lawyers in Denmark any litigation procedure will always be resolved in the most advantageous manner for you. Our lawyers will inform you from the start about the risks and benefits that may arise during the normal course of the process and the approximate duration. We are able to provide a wide range of services from specialized assistance and representation before any Court in Denmark to advice on the application of civil and commercial laws, assistance and representation in matters of real estate claims, assistance and representation in the enforcement phase, assistance and representation before a public notary, assistance in any type of negotiations. 

Our law firm may also offer its services in the field of Labor Law, for example advice and assistance in the negotiation, completion, suspension and termination of collective agreements and individual employment, assistance and advice in disciplinary proceedings, assistance and representation before the committees of conciliation, mediation and arbitration courts in collective labor disputes.

Company formation services in Denmark

Many entrepreneurs are attracted to open a company in Denmark because of the country’s high flexibility and safety in terms of business environment. Our law firm will guide you for all the steps required by the specific laws and regulations. You should know that in Denmark you don’t need to document for incorporation before a public notary, for the registration of the company no notarized deeds are required. Our lawyers will guide you for opening a company in Denmark, a process which should not last more than 4 days when all the documentation is complete due to simplified procedure with the help of the new online system. They will also help you when you are interested in opening a holding company in Denmark.

Our lawyers offer their services for other actions in the field of corporate law: changes in the constitutive documents, disposals, mergers and liquidations, corporate advisory, representing clients in general meetings, complex corporate and commercial transactions, drafting commercial contracts and other similar actions.

Closing a company in Denmark

We also provide assistance for closing a company in Denmark, even when it is about a solvent liquidation, decided by its members, or a compulsory liquidation as ordered by Court. 

Debt recovery in Denmark

Your success in a debt collection procedure in Denmark is guaranteed by a good strategy and a deep documentation in the legal framework. By working with our Danish lawyers you will benefit from specialized legal advice, having in consideration that our law firm has a solid experience in this field and maximum results. Our lawyers in Denmark will assist you from sending / answering to the demand letter to assistance and representation in negotiations and in the amiable settlement. Our lawyers will also represent you before the court and they will provide their support in cases of attachment and seizure of assets, finding the best solutions in your interest. 

Tax Advice in Denmark

You should pay a special attention to the tax compliance in Denmark by paying all the taxes provided by the law and obeying all the provisions from this area in the specified period. Our Danish law firm, by working with specialized accountants, is able to provide a wide range of services in the field of tax compliance, from VAT registration to payments and payroll services. Our lawyers will also guide you to apply for the double taxation exemption, as Denmark has signed several Double Tax Treaties with other countries and foreign entrepreneurs have several benefits from these legal agreements. If you want to quicqly verify if you country of residence signed a DTA with Denmark and the amount of money you have to pay in taxes for your business in this country, we invite you to use our tax calculator.

We invite you to get in touch with our team of Danish lawyers for  specialized assistance in any legal or company formation matter in Denmarl and also in other countries.


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